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Hear Songs

Get up on your feet and do the grooviest dance you can!  Spin around, wiggle your hips, shake your hands and get down!  
Oh...  Don't forget to press play first, otherwise you're going to look realllllllly silly! 

Imagine you're deep in  the jungle playing drums with Alan's Jungle Band.  Or surfing a huge wave with Melody the Hippo.  Maybe you're one of our Funny Monkeys or the hobbling pirate in Everyone.  We hope you have an excellent time listening to our songs and finding your own cool dance moves.  If you want to take some of our music home with you, visit our "Buy CDs and DVDs" page.

Alan’s Jungle Band
©2011 Music with BRIAN - Everyone

Surfer Dude
©2011 Music with BRIAN - Everyone

Funny Monkeys
©2008 Music with BRIAN – Sing Sing Sing

©2011 Music with BRIAN - Everyone

A Frog That Swallowed a Bird
©2011 Music with BRIAN - Everyone

6 in 2 Days
©2011 Music with BRIAN - Everyone